Thursday, March 13, 2014

Forever 21

I love Forever 21! You can find a variety of clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. 
That's the main reason why I shop there. Not everything there has good quality but you can still find many stuff that will last you for awhile…


I love buying my jewelry from there because they have a variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. However, most of their bracelets don't fit me.In fact, I just ordered one and it was way too big on me. I think the only ones that fit me are the stretchy ones. I'm happy that they have rings that fit me. I just wish they carried more sizes for bracelets.

Dresses & Jumpers
I also buy a lot of dresses from there. It costs me on average$20 to $30 but some dresses are totally worth the price… I always look at the material before buying my dress. From past experience, I can now tell which dress is most likely going to fit me or not. Most of my dresses last long.. I've had some dresses for over 2 years and they still look good. I've only worn most of them only once but I've had some that I wore a few times (mostly my favorite ones). I do like their jumpsuits but some of them can be a little loose even if they are the smallest size. Nonetheless, they usually last me for awhile and look great!

As for the blazers, their smallest size is usually a little loose on me. However, I still like them! I bought many blazers from there and I still have them till today. I did stop buying blazers from there after I realized that Dynamite offered blazers that fit me properly. 

I bought these cobalt pants from there and I LOVE how they fit me! Their skinny jeans are nice and cost less than $10 but they aren't too comfortable and don't last long.. There were these jeggings I bought few years ago for less than $13 and OMG I loved them! They were so comfortable and lasted me for awhile! I wish they start selling those again! 

Bags & Shoes
I bought a bag from there once for my Punta Cana trip for around $20 and the strap broke after 2 days of use. I didn't buy any bag after that. I don't remember buying any shoes from but my sister got these wedges and she found them very comfortable. I never really purchased any cosmetics from there because the quality doesn't look too good to me.


mostly order online because you can buy the new arrivals before they are actually available in store and their shipping is very fast compared to other companies. 

I find so many things easily because I can simply sort them (price or size), choose a category (dress, blazers, shoes, etc) or even use search box to narrow down my results. I rarely find stuff at the store because there's just so much or maybe I just don't know how to look in stores... I find it so much easier to find stuff online. 

Since you can see the new arrivals before, you have better chances of getting them before they're out of stock or you can't find your size. I normally wear a size small or extra small (if items are larger than usual), so whenever I find something I like online, I buy it as soon as I can because they might not be available. I recently bought jeggings that were so comfortable, so when I went back the next day to order more, they were out of stock. 

I never pay for shipping fees because I always make sure I meet the minimum purchases of $60 to get free shipping. I leave maximum 3 business days (it's usually 2 business days but I've had times when I got it 3 days later). I'm not sure if that's the case for everywhere in Canada though. I live in Montreal and it gets shipped from their Mississauga warehouse. 

Forever 21 has many online promotions throughout the year. Here are some promotions I have seen in the past...
  • Free shipping on all orders 
  • Free shipping on purchases of $21 and more 
  • 21% off on selected items 
  • Buy one get one free: I see this a lot for sales items but I noticed on March 6th 2014 until March 12th, they had this promotion for selected jewelry and I took advantage of it. The way it works is that you get the second item of less value for free, so I chose jewelry items that cost me around the same to get the 2nd one for free. 

Returns, exchanges or refunds
If its not a final sale (usually listed when you're checking out), then you can usually exchange or return it. If you do want the refund, then you have to mail the items to their Online Returns address. I never did that because you have to pay shipping. I usually just go to the store and exchange it for right size or return it to get a store credit. Not all items can be returned though (gift cards, cosmetics, jewelry, etc). You can read more about it on their website.

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